How do I book?

Contact us to check your date and then it is $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your date.  You can pay with a check or via PayPal on our payments page

When is my full payment due?

Payment must be paid in full 90 day’s prior to wedding, this is non refundable.

Do you charge a damage deposit?

A $500 cash damage fee will be charged.  You will get this back after next day walk through, as long as there is no damage. This is subject to a higher fee if damage is greater than $500.

What are the roles of the venue staff before and during our event?

You will have access to staff before, during, and after the event for any problems that may come up. If you need extra help for parking cars, taking the trash out, set up/tear down, etc. you are welcome to hire our staff at an additional cost, if available.

What time do I have to be out?

The music stops at midnight, and all guests must leave at that time.

Is the barn air conditioned/heated?

Yes!  Whether it is hot outside or cold the barn will be a perfect temperature.

What time can I start decorating and getting ready?

With the full weekend price, you are able to get in at 5 pm Thursday night to drop things off, start decorating, etc.

The single-day wedding you can get in at 8 am.

Can I bring in my own alcohol? What about catering?

Yes, outside alcohol is allowed.  And, there are no vendor restrictions on catering.  Feel free to choose your favorite food!

Are pets allowed?

If the pets are part of the wedding they are allowed. You will be responsible for removal of any animal waste and you will be responsible for any damage the animal may cause.

Do you allow fireworks/sparklers, etc?

Yes. Bigger fireworks must be approved with the event staff.

What if we have handicapped guests?

If you have handicapped guests you will be able to drive up to the event space and drop them off.

Do you have a sound system?

Yes. It can be used inside or outside.

Can we leave cars overnight?

Yes, cars can be left overnight, but the silo is not responsible to any damage or theft to vehicles. Must be picked up by noon on Sunday.

Can I hang anything from the walls or ceiling?

You are welcome to decorate how you like, as long as no holes are made in the tin. Command strips or tape may be used, as long as they are removed.

Can we drop off anything early or leave anything overnight?

You are welcome to drop stuff for the wedding or event off as long as there is not another event taking place. You can leave things overnight and lock up. You will have a key code to enter the event space.